These innovative but short lived Cord 810/812 models were certainly enjoying the ocean views at this year’s Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance. The Cord was one of the featured vehicles at this year’s show, fitting in well with the show’s Automotive Innovation theme.

A revolutionary design for its time in both styling and engineering, the Cord was one of the first American cars to offer both front wheel drive and independent front suspension. It had hidden headlights and that crazy looking nose, but all of those cool features and its dazzling look could not handle the mechanical gremlins that were in those first cars. As a result, only a few cars were sold in 1936 and the excess inventory was renumbered as the 812 in 1937. Auburn Automobile Company the owner of the Cord brand discontinued the Cord cars, along with the name, at the end of 1937.

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