The fun of events like The Little Car Show is what vintage finds you stumble upon.

Sometimes they are rare cars in the U.S., like this 1959 Auto Union DKW 3=6.  The DKW 3=6 was a front wheel drive car with a 3 cylinder 2 stroke engine, an odd combo when you think of what was being produced by Chevrolet and Ford at the same time.

Also called the DKW Sonderklasse (Translation: Special Class), this DKW was in beautiful shape and drew quite a bit of attention from the crowd.

Because this car was a front wheel drive car there was plenty of room in the front…

as well as in the back, because there was no transmission tunnel to impose upon the interior.

Hey isn’t that the Audi logo? Yes it is. The Auto Union was the formation of four Germany car manufactures in 1932, one of them being Audi. The other three where DKW, Horch and Wanderer. Eventually, Auto Union would become the Audi car company we know today.

There is more vintage goodness to come from The Little Car Show, so stick around.

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