A regular feature here on The Daily Driver Project is the “Street Spot.” We love seeing vintage cars as daily drivers, out on the streets where they belong. When we see a vintage car worth sharing, we’ll post it as a Street Spot. Sometimes it will be a beauty, sometimes it will be a beater, but then again – even the beater cars are beautiful to us!





While we were at the Huntington Beach Central Library, we spotted this MGA in the parking lot. First, if you are into cool retro architecture, you should check out the library, it is a pretty awesome place! The library is so close to the famous Pacific Coast Highway that your mind drifts to cruising in this MGA along PCH while enjoying the beautiful coastline.  Maybe you are more into a little road racing, which has always been a large part of the MGA culture, and this one definitely looks like it is outfitted for that. Laguna Seca anyone?

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