Join us as we examine one of our vintage finds from the 2014 Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance…


Owned by Stanley Bauer of Beverly Hills, Ca., this 1920 Stutz Bearcat is a beautiful example of an early American race car at their finest.


A symbol of wealth and prestige, by 1920, the Bearcat was four times the cost of the average American car, but was still cheaper than the European sports car equivalents of the day.



The design of this Bearcat is far curvier than previous years, which featured the iconic dog house hood.


The Stutz Bearcat slogan “the car that made good in a day” refers to its outstanding performance as a prototype at the 1911 Indy 500, where, as an unknown, it outperformed many established brands.


A stunning Bearcat and the license plate to match?  Now that’s a vintage car nut’s dream!

Stay tuned as we bring you more of our vintage finds from the 2014 Greystone Concours!

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