Where do you find the fairest of the Fairlanes?  At Fabulous Fords Forever, of course!

Glossy red and filled with shining chrome, this little Fairlane had a surprise in store for us…


Hiding under the hood is a big block 460!  That’s not the biggest surprise though…

as it turns out, this gem was a pro-street racer in disguise!

Imagine pulling up to the line and sitting next door to this quiet and polite little Fairlane, you’d have no idea all this race-ready goodness was hiding right underneath!

And now for a different year, this earlier model Fairlane reminds us why the lines of this car still make it popular today.

Those tubular top fins, that relaxed v-shape in the back, that heavenly blue!  What more could a girl ask for in a vintage car?

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