It is no surprise that there are a ton of roadsters in all forms at the LA Roadster show. The fun is to see what each owner has done to personalize the roadster to their tastes and it ranges from hi-tech to traditional.

If you are into roadsters this is definitely the show to come check out. But then there are the unusual combos like…

a Nissan stuffed into a T-Bucket. Maybe you crave an early car…

like this strange little 2 seater, the 1914 Woods Mobilette. Yep a 2 seater, but not in the way you think of someone next to you. It is front to back like a motorcycle or fighter jet or one of our favorites the Messershmitt.

One of our more somber moments was coming upon Jack Stewart’s Roadster. We lost Jack last year and he is greatly missed by his friends and family.


His family and friends still take the roadster out to shows like this one to celebrate his life.

There are more roadsters and other goodness to come so stick around.

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