As we turned the corner to see the next set of Gassers at the ADM’s show this Saturday, this ’55, with its slid-forward hood, intrigued us…

and promptly left us asking, where’s the motor?  What in the heck is going on (or, rather, not going on) under that hood?

Owned by “Dirty Ernie” Harmon of Norco, Ca., this ’55 Chevy’s name is Alter Ego.  One look under the hood, and we understand why!

Check out the view from the passenger’s seat!  Talk about an intensified ride!  Can you imagine?  The sensory experience must be seriously intensified when this one roars down the track!

I’m sure Alter Ego has left many an enthusiast scratchin’ their heads over the years, particularly after looking under the hood.  Now that’s what we call an original Gasser!

There’s more to come from the Gassers Show – stay tuned!

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