To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, we’ll be celebrating all year long by bringing you Mustangs each Monday! Today’s find comes from this weekend’s Gassers gathering at the Automobile Driving Museum.


Was there any doubt that the name of this Mustang is Combustible?  Owned by Chris Nuhfer, this ’69 is one intimidating gasser! ADMG-DSC_0126r

Under the hood is a warning, “Speed kills. Be Safe. Drive a Chevy.”  Well, with 700 horsepower and 514 cubic inches, who wouldn’t pick this as their car of choice?



We couldn’t be more pleased to see that Rat Fink is alive and well under this hood…


and that this sloth is the captain of this speed ship.  This has to be the speediest sloth we know of.


Take a peek inside and you’ll notice a few things have tumbled out of the glove box and onto the floor…


speeding tickets, of course.  With a ’69 Mustang that looks (and performs) like this one, we have no doubt that Chris has earned a few of these in his day!  We could also blame those tickets on that speedy sloth, of course.  After all, he is the one in the driver’s seat.


Speaking of speed, the heat Chris gets on the streets from the local cops is a sharp contrast to his wins on the track – this photo is from the Street Machine Muscle Car Nationals at Pomona on March 23rd of this year!  Clearly, Combustible is a top performer!


Even the King of Speed, John Force, approves.


Hats off to Chris for sharing his fabulous car with us and fellow show goers at Saturday’s ADM Gassers event!

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  1. Paul C Northey.

    It is a great Mustang and well worth seeing at the Gasser display Saturday at the Driving Museum.

    • Sara

      Hi Paul,

      It was great to chat with you on Saturday! Thanks for all the work you do in sharing the love for automotive history at the Automobile Driving Museum! ADM docents ROCK!


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