How’d you guess that we’d hunt down the Willys at this weekend’s ADM Gassers Show?  Well, that’s because we’ve always been honest with you and admitted our heartfelt love for these cars (and the wagons, of which we have one).  Thankfully, the Gassers event was FILLED with Willys Americars, a popular choice with the Gasser crowd.

Get a load of this gorgeous 1937 Willys Americar!  Owned by Rich Behrens of Buena Park, Ca., this beauty was last painted in 1965!  That’s right, she’s still as glossy and sexy as ever.  With 33,000 original miles (!), this stunner was originally owned by Tom Hrudka, the co-founder of Mr. Gasket.  How’s that for a little piece of automotive history!



Lean, mean and ready to race, we found this 1939 Willys Americar right next to the ’37.  This car features the much-coveted all-steel body, and is owned by Aaron Bedrosian of Granada Hills, Ca.  Check out the mean stance on this Willys!  I sure wouldn’t want to be up against this Americar at the track!

My favorite part about this Gasser?  A tiny sticker in the corner of the windshield that says, “I didn’t build it hoping for your approval… I built it because it meets mine!”  Amen, fellow hot rodder, amen!

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