Notice anything odd about this picture?


If you guessed that the back tire seems to be a bit out of place, then you guessed right!


Today we bring you another gem from the Petersen’s Pickups exhibit.  What makes this 1953 Dodge Power Wagon a truly unique bundle is the addition of the Willock Swivel Frame that allows this truck to do some serious twisting, and the Petersen provides us with more detail on this unusual truck…


“The Willock Swivel Frame was created by the owner of the Willock Truck Equipment Company, a manufacturer of specialty equipment for on-and off-road trucks.


Willock’s invention separated the front and rear halves of the chassis, allowing the two sections to move independently and minimizing the likelihood that the frame and cab would break during heavy use or when navigating extremely uneven road surfaces.


Priced at $350, the Swivel Frame was designed for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, but was also appreciated by buyers of lighter duty one-ton trucks who lived in areas with rugged terrain.”

This exhibit does a wonderful job of highlighting the functionality of these vehicles, and while some of them are far more beautiful than should be allowed for a pickup (remember the Terraplane?), this Dodge, with its Willock Swivel Fame, is a stunning example of the physical prowess that a pickup can possess.

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